If U.S. students hope to secure fulfilling job opportunities in a globalized economy, then they must be academically prepared, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Unfortunately, international assessments reveal that most U.S. students – even those in the highest performing schools – are not equipped to compete with their international counterparts. U.S. students consistently score average or below average on international tests, particularly in math and science, while students in other nations make significant academic advances.

We believe that a large part of our nation’s economic success can be attributed to a sound STEM education. Unless adequately equipped in these areas, our children will have fewer and fewer opportunities in the increasingly competitive and technology-driven global job market.

Fortunately, many organizations, schools, networks, and education leaders are making great strides in the areas of student assessment, academic excellence, STEM instruction, and expanded opportunities. Focusing on international achievement, school leaders, and character formation, our Education & Character Program works with organizations, including those below, to prepare the rising generation to meet future opportunities and challenges.